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January, 2015

Rohatsu Sesshin

Rohatsu sesshin was held in Wisconsin November 29-December 6 with about 30 attending in boundless joy.

Tim Batdorf took Jukai, given the name Timothy, the first English dharma name in the Hollow Bones Order.  

Daiden Eno Dan Pecaut, Emyo Seien Darlene Tataryn and Liǎo Rán Bōrě Tess Grey all were ordained as priests.

One heart, one mind.

Exiting Samsara

by Hojun Laura Jackson

On a recent trip to California to visit my brother, Engo
 Michael Jackson, I witnessed my 3-year-old nephew Dylan
launch a spectacular tantrum at a kiddy carnival following Engo’s failure to win him a goldfish. Nothing mattered more than going home with that fish.  His meticulously painted lion’s face melted into streams of yellow, orange, and black. The desperate cries of deep emotional agony were heartbreaking.  

My internal response was and remains, “Geez, am I glad I never had kids.”  Don’t get me wrong.  I'm madly in love with Dylan. And immensely grateful to be his aunt… not his mother.  

I’ve often wondered why so many women have a driving urge to make a baby, while others, like myself, have none.  Then the insight hit… samsara.  

Could it be that the cycle of birth and death is nothing more than the cycle of birth and death?  I’m born, I grow up, I get pregnant, I give birth, I care for my children, I die… repeat, ad infinitum.  Could reincarnation simply be the passing down of customs, behavior, and beliefs to this entirely new being, along with a unique and complex DNA imprint of all the karma of his or her previous lives, meaning the lives of his or her mother, father, and ancestors all the way back.

Yes!!  It makes perfect sense.  The concept of reincarnation has never resonated with me, and I know I'm not alone.  It has always seemed a bit like the Christian concept of heaven and hell, a myth created for folks unable to face the thought of non-existence.  

And now when I look at Dylan, I see a near carbon copy of my brother at three.  I was nine.  I remember.  My brother’s reincarnated self is right here, being raised by his previous incarnation, happily diluted by the DNA of my sister-in-law and her long chain of ancestors. 

It’s ALL happening in the eternal now.  Everyone’s karma continually flowing and combining with everyone else’s karma in a continuum that always and forever exists in this very moment.  Can you see that?  Even a glimpse has the power to activate a spontaneous explosion of bliss.  Ahhh.

So what explains my lack of maternal instinct on this continuum?  Why was I always more interested in Barbie dolls than baby dolls?   Could it be that my karma doesn’t require a rebirth?  Has my spoke on the wheel of samsara played itself out?  Am I done?  

Well, uhh, yeah.  It looks like I’m done.  And again, I’m not alone.  I have dozens of friends and relatives, both male and female who by choice or circumstance will be exiting the wheel of samsara.  Kind of like pruning a branch on the ancestral tree.

With world population accelerating, jobs dwindling, environmental devastation, and wild habitats disappearing, can we really hold on to the tired, old assumption that one needs to have children in order to be fulfilled and/or taken care of in old age?  I’m not suggesting that having children is a bad thing, but it is time to awaken our collective consciousness around it.  

Stop and think about it.  Every child born generates an enormous carbon footprint, especially in developed countries. Opting not to have children, having less, or adopting will do more for the environment than any manner of upgrading light bulbs, recycling, lowering thermostats, et al., combined.  

So what do I do with the luxury of all this time not spent raising a reincarnation of myself?   As a Buddhist, the choice is obvious.  To cultivate bodhicitta - the mind that strives toward awakening and compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings.

I’m certainly not interested in dedicating this one precious life to attaining material wealth or social status or notoriety.  I dropped most of that many butt-on-cushion sits ago.  The impulse to attain more than I’ve already been blessed with still lingers, but it’s more an old habit than a real desire.    

My purpose for being here is to find the way back to original nature.  Buddha nature.  Non-duality.  Self realization.  All 

(continued next column)

Rohatsu Reflection

by Jerry Haack

As I re-entered the world from my enchanted Sabbatical, I once again… noticed, everything more deeply.

The crisp air, lone sparrow chirp, gentle breeze, winter distant sun, my breath…

And the pulsating love that reverberates with every beat of my heart.

That beat.  That familiar beat.  Ahhh, perfect.

And once again, I was reminded from my Sesshin, that beat never stops vibrating my truth into the universe.

The truth that shines and lights up all I come in contact with, and even for those I don’t.

I can’t stop the transmission.  Besides, why would I want to?

Part of the world I navigate in is corporate, mechanical, lifeless, not awake.

My purpose, essence, is to awaken it.  It’s a wonderful job within the job.  I love it.

And yet, sometimes, it is heavy.  But only when I take myself too seriously.


And then I think of the master…
Breathe, brother, and knooow.
Love you, Jun Po.


February 27-March 1 - 3-day Taste of Mondo Zen at Still Point Zen Center in Wisconsin led by Meru Roshi and Rev. Shokan Mui. To register, contact Meru at

March 5-8, 2015 - Weekend Silent Zen Sesshin led by Hollow Bones women priests at Sonoma Zen Center in California.

March 9-15, 2015 - 7-Day Integral Mondo Zen Sesshin led by Doshin Roshi in Philadelphia, PA.

April 20-26 - Integral Mondo Zen Sesshin led by Doshin Roshi at Venwoude International in the Netherlands. Registration by Venwoude (

April 24-26 - 3-day Silent Retreat at Norbertine Abbey, Green Bay, Wisconsin, led by Vimala Roshi. Registration by Vimala (

May 9-16 - Mondo Zen Sesshin at Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado.

June 13-20 - Silent Sesshin at Dai Bosatsu Zendo, New York state, led by Jun Po Roshi. 

June 19-21 - 3-day Taste of Mondo Zen at Still Point Zen Center in Wisconsin led by Meru Roshi and Rev. Shokan Mui. To register, contact Meru at

September 11-13 - 3-day Taste of Mondo Zen at Still Point Zen Center in Wisconsin led by Meru Roshi and Rev. Shokan Mui. To register, contact Meru at

October 12-18 - Teacher Training at Venwoude led by Jun Po Roshi.  Registration by Venwoude (

October 24-31 - Teacher Training at Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado, led by Doshin Roshi.

Visit the Retreat Calendar on the website for more information.

...Exiting (cont.)

else is just a series of trivial pursuits inside of an immensely seductive dream.

I'm heading back to California in a few weeks to hold Dylan’s hand as he dives deeper into the suffering that comes with his developing sense of a separate self.  

And my prayer is not that he someday produce offspring so I can enjoy being a great aunt in my old age. My prayer is that he someday realize he is the goldfish.


Sacred Mirror, Orchid White
Buddha head in Zendo Light
I take my seat
Ach! Too much heat!
Checking in/ Begin/ Showing up
Don’t take that 2nd cup!
Monkey mind, mental chatter
Molecules: air and matter
Gratitude, certitude, attitude, dude!

No one should ever have 
to wait for you
Is that true? 
Feel the shame!
The phone’s ringing. 

Is that the game?
Deluge/ Remove/ Refuge
Breath, breath, until death
“Laughing it all away,” Joni said
How did she get in my head?

Know/No, Know/No, Know/No
Hero, zero, go low, you blow
Sacred Feminine, so many eggs
Caged rage/ shadow state
Choosing hate 
Too late, 

I’m on the cross,
Now the tree, 
The gateless gate
The bell rings me
Stillness/ stopping/ Is-ness/ Such-ness
Scottie whispers to the deer
They disappear

~ sylvie jacobs

Rising & Falling
Taiso's Teisho

“Everything is rising and falling, rising and falling, rising and falling.”

So said the animated bald-headed Roshi whose whiskers 
I wish I’d pulled 
(in the manner of Lin Chi).

And so it is with sesshin
The rising and falling of 
each footstep in kinhin
The exquisite rising of the 
sound of the bell
The gentle falling of the
hands in Qi Gong
The rising and falling of the breath
Breath after breath.

The morning sun glistens
The half-opened egg resists and then surrenders
To the nudge of a spoon
And falls into the bowl.

One being dies so another may live
Life consuming life
The world on fire
Everything, rising from stillness
And falling back

~Daiden Eno Dan Pecaut

The world of dew --
A world of dew it is indeed,
And yet, and yet . . .

Myoku ... forever in our hearts.
Mondo Zen's Mission from our Sutra Book

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