Mondo Love Video Now Available

From the Integral Life website:

Jun Po Kelly Roshi and his partner-in-love Vicara Satya Mary Connelly, M.D. talk about relationships in the context of spiritual practice, while discussing what they will be offering to the Integral community at the upcoming Integral Spiritual Experience conference at the end of the year. 

Jun Po and Mary are life partners and teachers of Mondo Zen. They are going to be offering their couples work practice at the upcoming Integral Spiritual Experience: The Future of Love event this New Year. While they were in town earlier this month, we got them in front of our cameras to talk about love from the perspective of the Mondo Zen tradition, as well as what they have planned for those of you attending the ISE event this year. What emerged from our discussion was a lively and touching exploration of their relationship as a couple inspired and challenged by the demands of living an evolutionary life. As it turns out, in the midst of the deep and inspiring work they both do, maintaining the connection in their relationship requires constant attention.

In Part 1 of this interview, Jun Po and Vicara talk about what they have learned as their relationship has evolved. We think you will totally relate to the humor, the vulnerability, and the deep commitment they continue to share.

In Part 2 Jun Po and Vicara outline the Mondo Zen couples practice they will be offering at the Integral Spiritual Experience this year, which has produced revolutionary results for all who have experienced it....

View this video here.