Priests in The hollow bones tradition

All teachers within the Hollow Bones Tradition strive to embody the Five Elements of the Hollow Bones Path.  This means that he or she is waking up from the illusory nature of ego and then sharing the fruit of this spiritual discernment with others. Hollow Bones teachers have touched the depth of their being and return from that depth with the following commitments.

  • They no longer pollute and poison this sacred earth, nor do they consciously exploit other sentient beings.

  • They have shifted their understanding about the nature of mind, and now see through the myth of an ego as a personal entity or self-inherent being.

  • They are no longer confused about the real nature and purpose of feeling. As a consequence of this, they are no longer held hostage to the promiscuous reactions of such emotions as fear, anger or jealousy.  Hazardous emotional reactions are spontaneously transformed into compassionate and wise responses.

  • They are physically vital, sensitive, poised, and consciously embodied, and strive to abide in a continual realization of meditative awareness.

  • Finally, and most importantly, they share this life of disciplined, loving awareness with others; they shine forth the truth of our integrated practice.