Rohatsu - The Awakening of the Buddha

Rohatsu is an intensive retreat celebrating the awakening of the historical buddha, Siddharta Gautama. Most often held during the first week of December with the festival day set as December 8th, Rohatsu asks each of us to commit to a period of intensive practice. What better way to celebrate Shakyamuni Buddha’s great achievement of non-achievement than to experience it for ourselves?

This, in fact, is the point of every sesshin. To realize our own Pure Selfless Awareness so that we can bring our innate wisdom and compassion into daily life. Perhaps that’s why they chose the word sesshin, 接 meaning “to touch” and 心 meaning “heart-mind”. This container of deep silence and communal support provides an exquisite container for doing just that.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to tangle eyebrows with the patriarchs? Will you take your seat in budh-nature? Or will you continue walking around, deludedly thinking Awakening is some lofty ambition? 

Join the Sangha in waking up, growing up and showing up. Give yourself the gift of deep silence; the time tested container for genuine insight and true awakening.