The Eleven Precepts of Hollow Bones

The Eleven Precepts of Hollow Bones

  1. Affirm Life ~ I respect all sentient and insentient beings and always act with compassion towards them. In order to live, it is necessary for me to take life. I do so with reverence for the life taken. In gratitude, I do not take my own life for granted.

  2. Act Generously ~ I act with generosity and openhandedness. I receive only things that are freely given to me. I remember that clinging and
    attachment are the root of suffering.

  3. Be Loving ~ I am conscious and loving in all of my relationships. In sexuality, I discern the difference between love and lust and do not take advantage of other human beings. I transform the arising of lust into true loving.

  4. Manifest Truth ~ I honor honesty and truth. I speak with integrity from the depth of my heart.

  5. Respect Clarity ~ I act at all times with mindfulness and clarity. I do not abuse my body
    or cloud my mind with the misuse of intoxicants.

  6. Honor Silence ~ I remember the preciousness of silence. I see the perfection in others and refrain from gossip and frivolous conversation. I remain
    thoughtful and mindful of the effects of my speech.

  7. Celebrate Others ~ I rejoice in the good fortune of others. I do not, through my thoughts, words or actions, separate myself from others through coveting, envy or jealousy.

  8. Be Giving ~ I give generously of myself, sharing freely my love, my gifts, my talents and my abundance for the benefit of all. I do not selfishly withhold. I do not add any more suffering to the world.

  9. Embody Compassion ~ I recognize and enlighten my greed, anger and ignorance. I transform my negative emotions and act with equanimity, sympathetic joy, compassion and loving kindness.

  10. Steward the Earth ~ I hold sacred this planet Earth. I seek to understand Nature’s interconnections and celebrate my own interdependency. I work toward achieving a lifestyle that gives more back to this Earth than I take from it.

  11. Manifest this Way ~ I hold precious this Sangha and the sacred life we embody, especially these three treasures:

This absolute purity
of our Awakened Mind!

This life filled with wisdom,
compassion and skillful means!

This never–ending mystery
of life unfolding!
All brothers, all sisters, all