Choan Hoki Tim Cook


Choan Hoki Tim Cook took Jukai with the Hollow Bones Order in 2010 and was ordained a priest in January 2013.

Choan was raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and wound up in Northern California in 1985 after completing an undergraduate degree in geology from the University of Montana and a graduate degree in geological engineering at Washington State University. After years of floundering through the 80s and 90s, he found himself “seeking.” After getting acquainted with his emotional self through the Mankind Project in 2004, he completed countless self-improvement workshops and finally giving up seeking self, he found out that Self was there the whole time while at his first Hollow Bones sesshin in 2006. Since that time he has endeavored to continue turning up the dimmer switch of awakening.

His five training elements include his career as an environmental engineer and contractor cleaning up contaminated commercial and industrial sites, his career as a qigong teacher, his role as a the alpha male for his three loving and devoted dogs, his dedication to his sangha and his devotion to living and teaching the dharma by facilitating Mondo Zen with any willing sentient being. Choan is a frustrated stand-up comedian, a lover of human nature and is fed by being in service to the greater good.