Daiden Eno Dan Pecaut



Daiden Eno (Great Transmission/Wisdom Ability) attended his first sesshin in 2008, received jukai with Jun Po Roshi in 2014, and was ordained as a priest in 2016.

With his first asthma attack at age 5, he learned to focus on the breath! Raised in the Episcopal church, he felt something was missing. He attended a Mankind Project weekend in 2003 which blew open his heart and set him on a path of developing emotional intelligence. His first sesshin in 2008 introduced him to the liberating Mondo process and the “straight up the mountain” intensity of Zen meditation practice. He was hooked.

He co-founded the Siouxland Zen sangha in 2011, teaches Zen and qigong at the Jackson Recovery Center, and has been working with elders at Pine Ridge, South Dakota to develop a Lakota/Mondo Zen training that works for the Lakota people. Siouxland Zen with Central Plains MKP offers a 3-day Integral Mondo Zen retreat each summer. Daiden is committed to sharing this elegant practice to create a world where people respond from compassion and clarity rather than react from fear and confusion. He resides in Sioux City, Iowa. Contact him at dpecaut@gmail.com.

To his wife, children, extended family, friends, mentors, and sangha members, he sends eternal gratitude for all their love and support. When not doing Zen stuff, Daiden runs an investment firm in Sioux City, Iowa, writes books, supports MKP, plays golf, and marvels over his grandson.

Shortly before her passing in 1997, his mother, a deacon in the Episcopal church, encouraged him to live a life of constant prayer. At last he has learned what she meant. Breath by breath. Just be here. Now.