Engo DoHi Michael Jackson


http://thislittlezendo.wordpress.com/ engo@mondozen.org

Engo DoHi Michael Jackson has searched many lifetimes and buried many buddhas, seeking to attain and understand that which can not be attained nor understood.

His spiritual path started early, being raised Roman Catholic, and serving as an Altar Boy until he was 18 and moved away to attend UCLA. Shortly thereafter discarding his Catholicism, and taking a more trial-and-error, experiential approach to spiritual investigation.

After much reading, a wide array of experiences, and a general discarding of religions altogether, Michael’s practical, spiritual approach to life began to seriously mature when he encountered the ManKind Project in June 2007. Through connections at MKP, Michael attended his first Hollow Bones retreat in September 2009.

For the first time in his adult life, Michael experienced a true spiritual transmission and finally understood WHY to meditate. Taking this teaching seriously, Michael committed to attending every retreat for 3 years, taking Jukai (and becoming Engo) in June 2010. After completing his 3 year commitment, he finally ordained formally as a Priest in January 2013.

He is happily married for 5 years to Vyctoria Luong, with their son Dylan. He is a stay-at-home Dad, handyman, computer programmer, aspiring Sangha builder, former HOA President, former child actor, recovering control freak, Natural Childbirth instructor, Harley riding, environmentalist, progressive political activist, blah, blah, blah…too much already said.

If you would like to know Engo better, give him a call, sit down and share conversation (or silence) over a high quality local, organic Ale.