General Instructions for Online Programs

Maintain Silence

  • Maintain silence during the entire meeting

  • Unplug from all electronic media and distractions (except ZOOM).

  • Mute your ZOOM Audio and only unmute if you must say something essential.

  • We'd love for you to stay for the full 2 hour session, and, if you have conflicts or can only make part of the activities, please arrive and leave silently.

ZOOM Zendo Etiquette

  • Be present, still and non-distracting for all meditation periods.

  • Participate in all activities.

  • If you MUST be doing something distracting, turn off your ZOOM camera until done, and then turn it back on.

  • Consider others when choosing a location to join in from. Logging in from a computer is preferred over a phone.

  • ZOOM has two views- Speaker and Gallery view. During the morning service, Qi Gong and Dharma talk, the Speaker view is more ideal. Feel free to change as needed.


  • Take care of any biological needs during a break or period of Qi Gong, and return quickly.

  • You'll need the Sutra Book (DOWNLOAD HERE)

  • Be in your seats five minutes early!