New to practice?


Getting Started with a 
Mondo Zen/ Hollow Bones Practice


Option 1 - Local Sanghas

Depending on where you live, there may be a local Hollow Bones sangha near you. By connecting with a local sangha, there will be the opportunity to do zazen, talk to a local priest or senior student, and go through the Mondo Zen protocol with someone in the sangha.

Option 2 - Sesshin

Come to a week-long sesshin or a shorter, weekend retreat.  We hold both silent and Mondo Zen sesshins in various centers around the US and Holland.  It’s a great place to start or deepen your practice. We offer a 60-day practice program after the retreat, so that you have support from community for your continued practice.

Option 3 – Mondo Zen

Go through the Mondo Zen dialog process with a priest or Roshi in the order.  This can be done locally or virtually, via Skype.  Click below to view a list of priests and where they are located, or just contact Kevala, and she will match you up with someone.

Option 4 – Cyber Sangha Practice Program

Ongoing 70-day practice groups to keep you focused, active and inspired in your spiritual practice. There are specific Five Element training practices, weekly phone calls for support and motivation with a Hollow Bones priest, and two group calls with a Hollow Bones Roshi, the refuge of sangha along your path.

Option 5 – Other Resources

There are also video and audio files online to view, along with a reading list (see link above).

You can also access the Sutra book that we use every day at sesshin and the Mondo Zen manual in PDF format or for eReaders.

Contact Kevala Deb Hoffmann at for more information.