Onryu Hannya Ingrid Bamberg

Colorado - Integral Zen


Onryu Hannya (Hidden Dragon Wisdom) is a spiritual director, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®, and a Voice Dialogue, Integral Zen™ and Mondo Zen™ facilitator. She is dedicated to a path of awakening through personal growth, physical embodiment and a Zen spiritual practice. She was initiated into Transcendental Meditation at the age of nine, beginning a progressive exploration of eastern philosophy and introspection at a young age.

Growing up in a semi-rural setting, with the freedom to ride horses through open country, instilled in her a deep connection with the natural world. She earned a Ph.D. in ecology and worked independently for over 30 years as an environmental consultant, specifically in restoring forests and grasslands back to their native ecosystems. Therefore, the Hollow Bones emphasis on sacred stewardship has spoken deeply to Onryu.

After devoting her work-life to ecology, Onryu now sees being a Zen Priest and personal growth mentor as an even more direct and skillful expression of her dharma. She has devoted herself to extensive study and practice of working with trauma, somatic modalities, and interpersonal and transpersonal frameworks. 

Onryu took lay ordination in 2010 and her priest vows in 2014 with Hollow Bones. She is active in the local and larger Integral Zen sangha and is part of the leadership team for 3-day Integral Mondo Zen retreats. She also mentors Mondo Zen teacher training, provides volunteer coordination and supports the business organization of Integral Zen.

Learn more about Onryu and connect with her at www.alayaawakening.com