Reishin Dai Nei Denise Leong

Wisconsin - Zen River Sangha

Reishin Dai Nei Denise Leong has been a member of the Zen River Sangha in Wisconsin since 2005, took jukai vows in 2007, and was ordained as a priest in December, 2010.

Her journey on this path has been incredible, exquisite, and bumpy! She now embraces a life filled with excitement and opportunity, joy, compassion, equanimity, and loving kindness. Deep gassho to this sangha (her favorite jewel) for their loving support and endless laughs.

Reishin spent forty-two years in education as a teacher in middle school, high school, college and finally as the IT director for a public school system. In her retirement, Reishin has been blessed with the opportunity to serve as a chaplain for a local hospital.

She lives a quiet life in rural Wisconsin with her husband where each day she remembers the question her Alzheimer's Zen Master mother constantly challenged her with:  "What time is it?"