Rinzai Zen School

Hollow Bones is an American Rinzai Zen School. This school provides a clear, open channel for awakening our body, mind, and spirit. This school is specifically tailored for contemporary Western culture. It is Zen stripped bare and separated from its Japanese cultural identity. It is Zen investigated, understood, and practiced deeply. It is a pragmatic, non-sectarian spiritual discipline and way of life that awakens us and transforms our lives. From this perspective to consider Zen a religion is to miss the point.

A Hollow Bones practitioner experiences a deeper, clearer insight into the real nature of our minds.  As insight develops, the student becomes aware of a deep emptiness within mind that is always present.  Within this emptiness, consciousness, thoughts, emotions, and sensations - all activities of mind - are arising and passing away like clouds drifting across this empty sky.  Ego confusion arises because we attach to the misguided belief that our ego's dualistic point of view is all that we are. 

We have learned from our parents and culture to believe this confusion. From this basic ignorance, we unconsciously believe that this conceptual "me," this "figment of divine imagination" is a permanent separate self rather than a temporary perspective, a momentary reference point within the interplay of self-reflecting mind.  As our mind becomes more clear and stable, we realize we are also this deeper purity and not just the "thinking that thinks it’s a thinker.”